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Right from cycle paths to mountains and from snow-cladding regions to coastal serenity we have mastered adventure in every environment and want you to begin your journey to a calmer, fitter and active version of yourself! RAW believes that experience is a total package of how it makes you feel emotional, physically and mentality and we work on all these aspects while developing an adventure plan.

Our itineraries are far from cliché, and each activity you choose to experience with us will make you realise why we proudly say that we are breakers of monotony! We believe that the time you step out and begin to challenge you, that’s when RAW steps in! To guide, support and rejoice in your accomplishments because no journey is as easy as a breeze and we make sure you enjoy every travel you sign up for! 

Treks, cyclathons, mountaineering, bike ride, kayaking and most important feature about RAW is giving you the best of experiences according to the region which you visit. Region-specific adventures, specialities of local places and stories which add value to your presence there are some salient factors which make RAW not just a company but an ever-growing family of people who have a hunger for adventure! As your health and security is our priority, we have top-notch arrangements and are ready for all kinds of emergencies during every adventure and take it as seriously as we take creating a memorable getaway for you!

So come and experience with RAW the deepest of oceans and the highest of peaks, the evergreen forests and the coldest of treks, the calmest of retreats and the most breathtaking valleys and lastly the feeling of belonging with the nature and the serenity of atmosphere around you!  

Campground Projects

We believe to experience the best of nature you need to find your comfortable spot amidst it and RAW creates precisely that at its Campgrounds! RAW is an experienced company in adventure solution had a well-versed and well-coordinated team which makes building a Campground the best place amidst nature where your limits and comfort meet halfway!

Campgrounds require unique research and management for your outdoor experience to be the best and each adventure that you decide to undertake as a different requirement. Security, food and recreation everything has to be dealt with and well thought of before designing and planning a campground. RAW designs Campgrounds which are appropriate according to the different adventures that you choose and takes care of essential amenities while you enjoy nature’s touch while still be in your comfort zone. Campgrounds which redefine the way you camp or trek because our services give you the experience of world-class hospitality and make you acquainted with ways to survive and enjoy nature’s best climates!

Campgrounds designed by the RAW focus on security, comfort and leisure which are our three goals and we strive to satisfy them in each project that we undertake to make your stay as comfortable as it is adventurous! When out are out in nature every kind of probability has to be taken into consideration and at RAW through our journey of so many years and our experiences with more than 3000+ people we have precautionary measures which will make you feel secure and protected during the most extreme outdoor conditions too! 

Outdoor support

RAW aims at reaching out to everyone who believes that nature is the ultimate getaway during our stressed life situations! In outdoor support, we guide you through designing a travel plan considering all your requirements, budget and offer extended support in all your endeavours. RAW offers such support that you be comfortable while been out in nature.

We plan a budget and schedule all of your moves so that your experience during the getaway is precise as you expect it to be before stepping out. RAW has an experienced team who curate and support our free tours and make it appropriate according to your aim of visiting any place. The level of security, mode of transport, local specialities, actions to be taken during an emergency and much more is well thought about while curating the ultimate of travelling for you!

We are also experts in handling groups and companies while taking care that a large quantity of people does not alter our level of quality and it just gets better with the fantastic crowd that we host. RAW aims at curating an experience which is unforgettable and gives you the confidence to step out of your comfort zone every time and step out into nature because it has a lot to offer which will blow your minds! So get planning with us and create a lifetime of experience! 

Customized tours

RAW has learned that each traveller, or traveller group, has specific interests around which they build their vacation, it can be, historical tours, adventure and sport, among others. A flexible itinerary with a strong theme behind it is what customised tours are all about, and we have it all! If we don’t, we’ll certainly make our best effort to create a tour that fits your needs. The top priority is you always!
RAW has adapted a customising process which starts by understanding the wants and needs of the family, or group and filtering down the possibilities to a plan that fits them. We continuously work towards putting all our experience and knowledge as every region has its speciality to be enjoyed and appreciated and your skills will not disappoint your expectations. These customised tours also guarantee that you have an exclusive and unique experience in whose creation you have participated in, and the final result is a unique and fitted trip.
In addition to the benefits of all Go RAW tours such as handpicked hotels, guided sightseeing, 24/7 support, private transportation and more, customised tours offer a personalised experience and your own dedicated Tour Director. We’ll help you design your tour, whether that means coordinating your visit around a special event or adding excursions exclusively for your group.
Importance of customised tour packages

• Customised holiday tour package helps you to do the things in your way.
• Just travel at your own pace with the transport of your choice, and we will facilitate everything that you desire.
• Choice of hotels will also be yours, and different cuisines that you always love to explore would be there for you to pick.
• You can choose a personal car or want to be with other international travellers at a seat-in-coach facility, your choice our priority.
• Just choose the variety of places you want to go and be with your loved ones and explore the world.

Corporate programs

AW believes in the mantra ‘Work hard PARTY harder!’ and we design to travel and adventure plans just around the same ideology! Getting you out there into nature to detoxify your mind as well as keep you well-tuned with the agenda of your business travel is what we aim at! Corporate travel plans have a wide range of prospects and RAW studies them in detail before designing a program which is specially created considering all your needs from this travel.
For corporates, we concentrate mainly on completing the focused objective of the tour while also keeping an adequate weight on what exactly can be experienced in a particular region during the tour. In-depth research and expectations from the group travelling are what gives us insights while designing the plan for you and thus we make you a part of the tour designing as much as we put in efforts to make it the most memorable tour ever!
Considering the level of comfort and niche of interest RAW organises events which will be fruitful as well as give you a break from the existing routine to make you wander among nature and feel what you miss in your daily routine! Corporate adventure tours involve more of a personalised touch which varies according to your aim from the trip and the most suitable region, adventure and facilities are used to turn them into reality.
RAW hopes to work with you for designing some spectacular business tours which will surely enhance your peace and reduce your stress and give you brand new energy after the tour to conquer the markets! 
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