Outdoor Activities always carries Risk with it. Safety is the most important concern of Raw Adventure Solutions & we take all necessary precautions for safety of our clients and associates. However Raw Adventure Solutions will not be responsible for any type of injuries including accidental death happened due to uncertain events during the activity either due to negligence of the participant, natural calamities or not following various policies stated by the organizers. It would be participants own responsibility for the same. Raw Adventure Solutions has full rights to change or alter the activity considering the safety of its clients & associates subject to the situations at the time of the event. If any participant wants to leave the event prior to its committed time, declaration for the same in writing should be provided to Raw Adventure Solutions Leaders present at the event. Our Clients & associates should follow the timely instructions given by the Leaders & professionals during the event which are completely in the interest of their own safety. Please read carefully the Participation form before signing the same & registering for the same. Team Raw Adventure Solutions wishes all a very Happy & Safe Adventure.!!!


Plan Ahead and Prepare
Travel and Camp on Durable Surfaces
Dispose of Waste Properly
Leave What You Find
Minimize Campfire Impacts
Respect Wildlife
Be Considerate of Other Visitors


30+ Days before the event – 100% Refund
14-29 Days before the Event – 70% Refund
7-13 Days before the Event – 50% Refund
0-7 Days before the Event – NO Refund

For Long duration tours of more than 7 Days, Cancellation policy will differ with the Standard Cancellation Policy above & will be mentioned separately in such events.


Registration done for particular category cannot be changed under any circumstances. Please follow age category limits for every race mentioned by us. We need to have minimum 15 participants in each category to be eligible for Prizes. Giving Prizes is solely organizers decision subject to participation.


We always believe in good experiences for our clients. Outdoors is completely a dependent activity on many factors such as weather, terrain we are going, basic facilities available at the location like medical assistance, public transport, accessibility backup support washroom facilities, accommodation & food available at the location. We make sure we arrange the best facilities for our clients however we expect kind cooperation from associates as actual conditions may vary depending on the factors mentioned above.


We believe that every individual is different in strengths & skills. Outdoors always wants to come out of our comfort zone & try new things. This is an appeal to our clients and associates to stay away from the cigarettes and alcohol when you are in Outdoors as you will be doing physical activities which requires good stamina & health. Consumption of the same can severely effect on your health & may lead to some serious casualties. Importantly you should know that even having basic first aid support in remote terrain is difficult, so why create some challenging conditions for ourselves & others too. Instead enjoy this amazing world of outdoors & keep the rest aside.


People suffering from any injuries, allergies, temporary & permanent health issues should contact & consult organizers before registrations. In case organizers are not informed & you participate, then organizers reserve the right to cancel your participation without any intimation & liabilities. If you still want to participate, a medical certificate from MBBS doctor mentioning ‘fit for mentioned activity’ is required at least 7 days before the event