Dear Outdoor Enthusiasts


It is been seen that Devkund Waterfall got famous within couple of weeks through different blogs and social websites. The beauty of the falls can be experienced all through the year, BUT HERE I SAY

DO NOT GO FOR TREK TO DEVKUND” in the monsoon season.. WHY ??? Reasons are here

  1. Tamhini is reported as the highest rainfall last year as good as Cherapunji
  2. The terrain is really harsh
  3. Devkund Trek is NOT meant for Beginners or First Timers, we call them inexperienced trekkers
  4. Devkund lies in very remote valleys of Tamhini
  5. Getting help is extremely difficult in case of emergencies and situations may turn into a LIFE RESCUE check this video
  6. Chances of increasing water levels every minutes are high when its raining heavily making it difficult even to cross even the streams
  7. Increasing CROWD creating uncontrollable situations on the trek
  8. DROWNING is one dangerous risk because of the high speed currents and rapids flowing through the river and streams. There are many streams including few big ones need to be crossed to the waterfall. Since you can not assess the depth of the water when crossing, always advisable not to take such life risks. Few rescue incidents are already reported
  9. WHY Risk LIFE over Excitement??? Ask this question to yourself
  10. You can visit the Devkund Waterfall Mid October when you can experience its real beauty with all SAFETY.

I am a Certified Mountaineer and been organizing many adventure events through out the year. This year we had planned for this trek but AFTER MONSOON>..


Vikas Kaduskar

+91 98814 22575