Winter is Coming…winter is there…winter will go!
Before it goes, you should go!

Winter is the perfect season to cuddle and feel the warmth of the blankets and warm clothes. And with it, when a hot cup of coffee or tea is added, you’d never want to say winter a goodbye. There’s something about winters that takes a special place in our hearts. The foggy climate, warm clothes, the steamy hot drinks and the never ending comfort and not wanting to go to work is all we want.  Yes! I feel you too, mate.

But this is one side of the story.

The other side of the story is… Get out, like literally!

Just step out of the house before the season gets over. Exactly! Getting outdoors on a chilly winter day is nothing like it. Every season has its own charm and so is winter. There are so many things that we can do while the sun is a little harsh on us, rather than just snuggling in our blankets.

It’s almost the end of vacations and also the culmination of the winters. Why just sit and say goodbye to it without even doing anything? Why put your adrenaline at RIP mode and just remorse when it’s gone? Rather, just step out!

There are many activities that are just perfect just for the winter season. And if you still haven’t figured out what you should be doing before the winter is over, we will tell you how to do it.

Here are 5 things we have lined up for you before the winter is done with its lure:

Panshet Parikrama
One of the biggest events RAW organizes is Panshet Parikrama, a total adventure cycling through the alluring Ghats. A 170kms cycling with that kind of distance is worth giving a thought to. A two day cycle expedition with tent stay as a halt, you would never want to miss this kind of opportunity to feed your adventure souls.
Date: 21st January- 22nd January
Cost: Rs. 2,600
Location: Panshet

More Info – Click Here

Rohida Fort Run
Winter is the perfect time to run and warm up your lazy veins. So what are you waiting for? RUN! Where? Fort run at Rohida. A Marathon at the historical setting is definitely a yes. And the best part is, you might burn some calories and will also get a certificate at completion of the run. A win-win situation, isn’t it?
Date: 29th January
Cost: Rs. 600
Location: Rohida Fort

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Flamingo Camping Tour
Before they migrate, just go and have a gaze at them. No you don’t have to migrate with them, but see them have their time of the life in their natural settings. It’s not far, so is the opportunity. So, Get, Set, Bird watch!
Date: 11th February-12th February
Cost: Rs. 2,400
Location: Bhigwan

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Konkan Cycle Ride
Cycling in winters are the best combinations and when you get a chance to cycle along the coasts of Maharashtra, you have to experience it to know it. A 180kms cycling expedition through the most beautiful places in the west is a must do. A tent stay, historical visit, beach beauty and much more…
Date: 17th February- 19th February
Cost: Rs. 7,900
Location: Coastal Maharashtra

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Velas Turtle Festival
There’s something about winters, and even these creatures know it. The turtles visit Velas during winters to breed and hatch eggs in the pit and then cover it up with their fins and return back to the sea. The baby turtles learn to survive on their own and hence their journey starts. Interesting much? It is more interesting when you see it through your own eyes.
So get going for this relaxing beach event.
Date: 18th February-19th February
Cost: Rs. 2,600
Location: Coastal Maharashtra (Velas)

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What are you waiting for? Live life the RAW Style!!

By Moumita Chakraborty

05 Jan 2017