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Get! Set! Ready!
Vikas  01-10-2022

Are you ready to take a new adventure this year, we will help you create  memorable experiences, filled with joy, thrill and excitement you would have never experienced before ..

Induction Session!
Vikas 09-09-2021

Raw Adventure conducting induction session to a group of teenagers, the right age to introduce them to adventure and travel..

 Gears up!
Vikas 07-10-2021

we guide you through designing a travel plan considering all your requirements, budget and offer extended support in all your endeavors. RAW offers such support that you be comfortable while been out in nature...We plan a budget and schedule all of your moves so that your experience during the getaway is precise as you expect it to be before stepping out. RAW has an experienced team who curate and support our free tours and make it appropriate according to your aim of visiting any place. The level of security, mode of transport, local specialties, actions to be taken during an emergency and much more is well thought about while curating the ultimate of travelling for you!

Campground Calling!
Vikas 09-06-2021

Campgrounds designed by the RAW focus on security, comfort and leisure which are our three goals and we strive to satisfy them in each project that we undertake to make your stay as comfortable as it is adventurous! When out are out in nature every kind of probability has to be taken into consideration and at RAW through our journey of so many years and our experiences with more than 3000+ people we have precautionary measures which will make you feel secure and protected during the most extreme outdoor conditions too!..

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